2020 Birch Syrup Glaze 100ml

2020 Birch Syrup Glaze 100ml

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A unique variation of our Birch Syrup - a Birch syrup glaze is made by combining pure Birch syrup with Birch sap, unrefined cane sugar, carob molasses, sugar and fructose to create a less expensive but equally tasty syrup. 

Erchless Forest is in the Highlands of Scotland near Loch Ness. Sap from the natural Downy Birch forest is wild harvested. The resulting syrup is rich, dark and full of flavour.

We package all our syrup in reusable bottles so that we don’t contribute to landfill and reduce our carbon footprint so please reuse it!

100ml in a glass bottle with screw top closure.