Birch syrup is a distinctly unique product but also very versatile with uses including glazes, marinades, dressings as well as giving an immensely rich and hearty flavour to stews and pies. Used with fish, the syrup intensifies the flavour and adds a unique element that cannot be replicated by any other product. It's also used in baking, particularly in brownies and nut-based bakes to create immense earthy undertones. Check out some of our recipe ideas and please - if you have your own suggestions - email them in to us and we'll post them online... (and send you a free 100ml bottle of syrup to say thank you for all recipes published!)

Starters & Light Bites

Main Courses

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Marinades & Dressings

We're still in the process of updating our Recipes section to include all the versatile uses for Birch Syrup. Please keep checking back as more recipes are added every week!

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